Well, I really don’t think I’m important enough to have an entire website dedicated to my thoughts and adventures, but I suppose this blog will be as much for me to document my trips and it will be for you, possibly non-existent readers, to keep tabs on me or live vicariously (as I love to do with so many other travel blogs.) So, if you are here and reading, thank you! I hope this is both entertaining and informative. Also, I apologize in advance for the relatively unedited posts that will be scribbled here in my spare moments. Click on the tab “Fulbright ETA Germany 2017-18” to get started reading about my latest adventures! 🙂 One thing I must note is that nothing expressed here is representative of the Fulbright program or State Department.

One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Jen Sartori May 31, 2015 / 3:42 pm

    So excited for you!!! Safe travels Sarah!! Xox!


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